April 16, 2007

Olympic Fever, and More Bad Dogs

There is Olympic confetti rolled up in the cuffs of my jeans right now. At noon today at Daley Plaza my brother Andrew directed a really exciting "aren't we awesome" Chicago 2016 Civic Celebration.

I shook Mayor Daley's hand and was front row to see our future President himself, Barack Obama. I can't believe I finally saw Obama in person. I just kept staring at him like he was a rock star. He made a joke about being able to walk to one of the venues from his house here, since, as he said, "I should be back from Washington by then." People started screaming and clapping - I can't believe how much I geeked out. And I'm so proud of my brother! Check out the Obama clip here.

And, yeah, I got up at Bad Dog again last night. Clip forthcoming. (I hope to cut down the turnaround time on these things, but I really need my own video camera for this, so it might be a little while.) This time was tougher. I hadn't packed the audience with friends and family, I was trying out new jokes, and the vibe in the room was very different with a different host, a crowd of mostly other comedians, and an 11:15 start time. But it was cool. More on that later.

Edit: I stuffed some Olympic confetti in my purse to do something arty with it - or just laminate it against a piece of white paper. Not all that creative. But pretty!


Dale said...

You should throw your confetti art at your next performance!

Bella Rossa said...

I would, but it's already laminated. It might not have that same nice cascading effect that it would otherwise. :)