May 7, 2007

My First Contribution to the Bella and Sloan Book Projects

Sloan has been plugging along dutifully with the humor memoir project. I have slacked until today - here is my first essay.

It's a whopper, about 3000 words, so I decided to post it on a new separate blog. (If I knew how to do expandable posts, I would just post them here, but that's too much code for me to wrestle with at the moment.)

What's the first essay about? My first computer. The infancy of the nerdery that you enjoy on a regular basis. Enjoy, and please leave comments. As you may recall, the point of this project is to get reader response on early drafts of stuff well before it reaches the point of being published. I want to know what's good, what's interesting, what's not working, what's what.

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Chancelucky said...

expandable posts are easy. Use the blogger help index and it'll explain how to change your template to make them possible.
If you have any trouble, just e-mail me.