July 22, 2007

My Interview With Carol Leifer in Chicago Magazine

Hooray! My Chicago Magazine interview with Carol Leifer, who will be playing the Lakeshore Theater in a few weeks.

Also, not quite the same flavor of pop culture fun, my first piece in Builder/Architect (p. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).


nora said...

Woo Hoo, Chicago Magazine! Great interview.
I'll admit to cheating on reading the Builder/Arctect piece. I read the first and last pages. I love how you used builder-y words:"solid structure" and "framework."

I'm not sure if those words needed quotation marks, but I'm working of a preview of Tommy Womack's Indianapolis show. I got some great quotes -- luckily you can use the F-work in NUVO, in fact I think they like it when you do!

Bella Rossa said...

Hey, Nora, thanks for making a good effort on the Builder/Architect piece. I'm pretty sure that's more than any of my siblings have read of it.

Maybe on my next piece for them I'll drop a few Nuvo-style f-bombs and see if the editor goes for them.

I noticed the Nuvo building a few weeks ago on a drive through Indy. It reminded me of Harrison Ullman's passing when I was in college. Such a cool paper, such a cool guy.

nora said...

Uggh, I misspelled 'architect'.

I still cannot believe that I'm writing for NUVO. I was always slightly afraid of it -- like I was not quite hip and cool enough to "get it."

Bella Rossa said...

Misspellings happen to the best of us. Eh.

I think Nuvo rocks...Indy has long needed something so hip and irreverent. I'm sure you're plenty cool enough to write for them.

Chancelucky said...

I enjoyed the Carol Leifer interview. Before reading it I had assumed that it was going to be all about the "funny". It was kind of nice to read an interview with a comedian that was more philosophical. Actually, adopting a baby at 50 sounds pretty scary to me.

Dale said...

I love Carol Leifer and you for getting the chance to talk to her Bella (and for other reasons). Congrats on the Builder/Architect piece as well.

Carol did this bit once that plays in my head now and then. She was talking about stupid people and tv ads and sang to the tune of 'Don't Sleep in the Subway darling' -- Don't gargle with Lestoil darling, don't shave with a ginsu knife. It's inspirational and instructional don't you think?

Bella Rossa said...

Thank you, Dale! I think Carol is hilarious, and she was so incredibly nice to me during the interview process, I am a huge fan now.

She also is one of the head writers for the Academy Awards every year, which she says is one of the most fun nights of her entire life. Can you imagine that?

Jerry said...

Bella Rossa,
Carol Leifer rox! I remember her doing stand-up back in the 80s. She also had a funny bit on Seinfeld playing a receptionist.

Bella Rossa said...

I agree, Jerry, Carol indeed rox. I need to try to catch some of those old Seinfeld episodes so I can see her.