July 17, 2007

A Prophet in Her Hometown...Paper

My artist friend Emily Kennerk (who grew up with me in our hometown of Zionsville) is preparing to open her first big show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art very soon. It's called "Suburban Nation." Here's an article about her in the Indianapolis Star.

I just got a call from my hometown paper, the Zionsville Times-Sentinel, yesterday, letting me know that they'd gotten the press release about my stage fright auction and stand-up comedy kickoff some months ago, and would like to do a profile on me as an aspiring writer and comedian, which is very cool.

Of course, right now, all I can think is "everyone who ever knew me growing up is going to read this...and they won't be fooled into thinking I'm any cooler now than I was in junior high."


nora said...

Okay Ms. Bella,
I'm sure we've been in the same room before -- Emily is also a friend of mine. I went to the opening. Emily's lecture was fabulous. I took lots of photos (until the nice security guard told me to stop). I've been super busy, but will blog about it soon.

Bella Rossa said...

See, Nora? I knew it! I knew we knew people in common. Oh, I can't believe you were at the opening. I'm so miffed I had to miss it. I'm going to take a weekend trip home very soon to see her show.