August 2, 2007

Ethnicity-Specific Lip Enhancers

One of my new LipSmackers (yes, hi, I'm 12!) is called "Aztec Punch."

It's a little weird that there is mention of a specific ethnicity in a lip gloss flavor description, isn't it?

If Bonne Bell is looking to expand this product line, some suggestions:

"Caucasian Creme Brulee."

"Pan-African Pomegrate Twist."

"Celtic Cranberry Blast."

"Andalusian Apple Pucker."

"Bakongo Berry."

"Inuit Iceypop."

"Kazakh Kookyfruit."

"Onondaga Oatmeal Pie."



Dale said...

I don't have time to worry about this sort of thing so I just take one thing with me wherever I go. My Believe in God instantly Miraculously PEPPER-minty faith-enhancing Breathspray. It doesn't work but I carry it just in case.

Bella Rossa said...

Ha ha! That reminds me of similar products in a local gift store "Irish Accent Breath Spray, "Gay Accent Breath Spray," "Born Again Breath Spray," etc. Works every time. Or not.

Manda Newlin said...

I (heart) LipSmackers, too (especially in tandem with Wet 'n' Wild eye shadow). My favorite flavor is 'White Trash Watermelon.' Mmmmm....

idiotpajamas said...

I think the next thing they'll do is "textured" lip enhancers. You know, Velour, Silk, , Denim, Corduroy

If they can just come out with a product to "simulate" chapped lips, I can FINALLY be in fashion, without needing to spend any of that hard-to-come-by "money" stuff!