October 29, 2007


Brandi recently sat down on a chair at Ikea and almost disappeared altogether. By some bizarre coincidence, the pattern on her skirt and the one on the chair were nearly identical. Shall we call this "skirtoflage?" Or is she sitting on a "camochair?" Either way, I love the puzzled and concerned look on her face. Hilarious.

Brandi's Mike Birbiglia photo is now available in skateboard form. Personally, I think Brandi's photos should be available on all manner of consumer goods. Imagine one of her cute baby photos on the hood of your Mercedes, for example. Or one of her Chicago pictures overlaying the city of Jackson Hole. Why not?


Jerry said...

Brandi? Brandi?

Where did she go?

Look. A talking chair. I've so gotta get one of those!

Brandi? Brandi!

Bella Rossa said...

A talking chair with pretty hair, no less. :)