October 10, 2007

Liveblogging From Work

...work with a sangria, that is. I'm at Uncommon Ground, just north of iO and Wrigley Field. I know, I look shiny. I rode my bike here and got rained on a bit. I like to think of it as "glow."

I'm transcribing an interview with an architect in Utah, and a builder in Houston, then I'm going to have a nice dinner with a friend, damnit. I hyperfocus on work too much and I even structure the fun out of comedy most of the time -- I need to have more fun!


Jerell said...

Sangria's a girl drink isn't it? I like girl drinks, mainly because I can't digest harder alcohol. Big pussy, I know.

Bella Rossa said...

Sangria is totally a girl drink (reminds me of one of my favorite Kids in the Hall sketches!). I like it because I like poking fruit around the bottom of my glass with a straw. I drink girl drinks when they're out of the crack-spiked triple vodkas I love so dearly. My dinner companion balanced out my drink choice with something very manly - Jameson on the rocks.

Carmi said...

How do you keep the laptop dry while riding on your bike. I'm deeply impressed. Friends of mine are opening up a new cafe next month. I strongly advised them to install free Wi-Fi. I think I know where I'll be live-blogging from before long: thanks so much for the inspiration!

Y'know, if we BOTH liveblogged from our respective public hotspots at the SAME time, that would be so cool! But I promise I wouldn't use all caps as often.


Bella Rossa said...

Hi, Carmi! I was just thinking about your healing boy and his protective little doggie.

I had my Mac in a zip-up laptop thingee and a (mostly) waterproof backpack, and, ridiculously, always have a garbage bag in the bottom of my backpack for this specific reason. It's served me well, so far.

Imagine if we could, across national borders, liveVlog from our wifi hotspots! We could have wacky Photoshop contests and stuff! Or not. Hee.

Bubs said...

Sangria is NOT a girl drink if you drink enough of it. believe me.

Bella Rossa said...

Maybe you and I could convince Jerell of this, Bubs, and see how silly we could get him.

Jerell said...

Oh great. Now your going to tell me Zima isn't a girl drink either. Not that I drink Zima or anything.

Bella Rossa said...

I don't know, Jerell, I think that as a girl, maybe I'm unqualified to define what does and does not make a girl drink.

All I know is, I love fruit chunks, bendy straws, and umbrellas up in my drinks.

And if it comes in a coconut, or something that looks like a tiki accessory, all the better.