October 1, 2007

Things Are Good. Just Try To Stop Me!

I'm taking Chicago by storm! My videoblog of Critical Mass is posted on Metroblogging Chicago. (Thanks, Fuzzy!)

I'm making my showcase debut at Chicago Underground Comedy tomorrow night, yes indeed. I'm bringing extra candy (I take care of my audiences, yo), and 30-40 friends and family are slated to be there to cheer loud enough to drown out any boos. I've been walking around like a crazy person, playing a recording of my set on my computer, in my earphones, and reciting my jokes out loud while riding my bike.

BFF, PR genius, and megaproducer K-Rock and the girls invited me to fill in for Hattie Snyder (who, sadly, will be at her friend Nailah Franklin's memorial) at the Spitfire showcase at the Apollo the following night, so my first two showcases are wham bang one after the other.

Speaking of K-Rock, check out Buscemi and Delahoyde's "Angelina," starring K-Rock (at left)! Well, not "starring," in the literal sense. But look how cute!

What else is exciting? Well, I just talked a nice lady at Comcast into hacking my monthly bill in half. HALF. Just goes to show you how much you can get in life by asking nicely. (And if that doesn't work, then raise hell.)


Grant Miller said...

You should call the nice lady at Comcast and tell her you blogged about her. Maybe she'll throw in the other half.

Bella Rossa said...

Maybe so. Her name was Linda. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find her.

nora said...

Break a leg!
I had half of a thought of driving to Chicago for the show, but here I am at work.
I can't wait to hear about it!

Bella Rossa said...

Nora, that is so sweet. I'll be up every month, so you should totally come up some time! You and Emily and I could have a little Zionsville reunion.

nora said...

Details, we want details!