December 14, 2007

Follow Me!

Dear beloved readers, Mom, and puzzled, misguided Google search orphans,

Until further notice, I will be taking a break from Bella Rossa and posting on Bucket of Nerds, along with Sloan, Nellie, and Teresa. Group comedy blogging! I've reached new heights of geekery!

We're going to dig in during these next few bleak Chicago months and produce 12 2-5 minute comedy films as Bucket of Nerds. We'll post them as we go, and blog together, too.

Big animated heart gifs to you all.


Nellie Ann said...

Man, we ROCK. Our geek-o-meter is at an all time high! Just wait until we actually apply our geek-dom to film!!!

It's gonna

Timothy Carter said...

I will miss this blog. Good luck with the nerd bucket, Elizabeth!