January 17, 2008

1-13-08 - Bucket of Nerds - 10 Minute Podcast

Okay, I'm cross-posting this (it's also on the Buckets blog). After Bucket of Nerds produced our first podcast, a mere five minutes, we decided we had at least enough chutzpah and hilarious moxie to ask people to listen to us for a full ten minutes. So here's a longer clip, with more weird jokes and girls snurfling waffles while laughing.
A summary of select highlights:
  • Can you speak in internet emoticons?
  • Celebrity crushes.
  • Does Oprah have a spaceship?
  • Funniest thing heard all day: "Which one of you slammable dick caves wants to go home with me tonight?" (Courtesy of Mike Burns.)
  • Ryan Reynolds is very good-looking.
  • Elizabeth's bad waffle tastes like cats.
  • Nobody cares Elizabeth is from Indiana.
  • Teresa and Nellie taste the bad waffle, agree it's like tongue-bathing a litter of calicos.
  • Teresa uses a Southern accent to ask, "will dipping the waffle in ranch make it not horrible?"
  • No.
  • Nellie is accused of being a Second City hipster.
  • David Letterman is our favorite funny uncle who's busy to hang with us, but he was not Sesame Street's "Letter Man."
  • Nellie's morning yawn sounds like a baby pterodactyl, which is almost a tribute to another of our favorite comedians, Maria Bamford.
  • Elizabeth mocks her own poor navigational skills in character as an old, angry, vaguely Eastern European man.
  • Nellie wonders about the real meaning of "doesn't know their ass from hole in the ground."
  • Elizabeth suggests flashcards to acquaint oneself with the difference between the two.
  • Why are loud annoying televisions being shoved down our throats at gas stations and grocery stores these days?
  • An impromptu rendition of the Beach Boys' "In My Room."


The Freelance Cynic said...

Cute Pic you slammable dick caves

Bella Rossa said...

Freelance Cynic, you silver-tongued devil, you!!

Grant Miller said...

Oprah does not own a spaceship.

Bella Rossa said...

That, Grant, has yet to be determined.