January 25, 2008

Chicago Comedy Pals On Letterman!

The Chicago comedy scene is all a-twitter this week because our friend TJ Miller's super mega blockbuster Cloverfield has opened (he's Hud, the guy behind the camera), and the other night he was on the Letterman show!!

TJ just moved to LA a few months ago, when he landed the sitcom "Carpoolers" on ABC. He worked onstage at Second City and busted his ass doing stand-up all over the city, sometimes several shows a night.

TJ was there the night of my first open mic nine months ago (thank god he walked in after I finished, because having him in the room would have totally unnerved me). He walked in wearing full werewolf makeup and prosthetics for a Jose Cuervo commercial he'd been shooting all day. Kristy said "Elizabeth just did her first stand-up set!" and TJ hugged me so hard I wheezed. He said "That's great! Good for you! How did it go?" And I answered honestly. "I can't remember a thing," I said.

Here's TJ in one of my favorite Blerds videos, also starring Chicago-turned-LA comedy pals Lauren Bishop and Mike Bridenstine:


Chancelucky said...

That's really exciting. I'll keep an eye out for TJ. I haven't seen Carpoolers yet, though I don't watch much scripted tv anymore.

Dan Telfer said...

I'm pretty sure Carpoolers is done.

And it might be the writer's strike keeping you from scripted TV. There hasn't been any in 3 months anyway.

Bella Rossa said...

Yeah, I think Carpoolers is assumed to be DOA, but I think TJ can find better places to put his energy anyway.