February 2, 2008

Random Assemblages of the Elderly

Somehow lately I've been on hand for several examples of one of my favorite urban phenomena - the "sudden and unexpected flocking of the elderly to a previously quiet location."

Right now I'm in a bakery and restaurant in the Bryn Mawr area, waiting to meet Nellie and Teresa to look at an apartment, and it's been totally quiet for over an hour as I sit here sipping water and picking through the newspapers.

That is, until four minutes ago, when a line of elderly ladies materialized and slowly snaked its way in the store. I just read something about Improv Everywhere doing something silly and spontaneous at Grand Central Station in New York, and for a second I laughed, because this felt like something pranky.

Fifty old ladies in the door one after another? Was there a collective sugar cookie craving at St. Michael's Retirement Center up the street?

Oh, wait...they are all scooting toward the back of the store, and someone is speaking in an authoritative "theme park guide" voice about the wonders of bread-making. They're here for a tour. That makes more sense.


k.barrick said...

So old people have no time for nobel prizes but plenty ol' free time for bread making?

My grandma already KNEW how to bake bread...

Frickin' old slackers.

Bella Rossa said...

Exactly, K! What's with these oldsters?