March 12, 2008

Bonnie Hunt Is My New Best Friend

Okay...not really. I've never met her. But I've been a huge fan of hers for a long time. I just think she's so warm and funny and charming onscreen, and I've somehow always thought of her as my cool older sister.

Like me, she's among the youngest in a large Irish German Catholic family, is from Chicago, and trained at Second City.

Unlike me, she's starred in movies with Dustin Hoffman, Steve Martin, and Robin Williams. She's also a writer, director and television producer.

She disarms David Letterman (with whom she's created two television shows) by simply walking onto his set, a trait she shares with one of my other favorite comedy ladies, Amy Sedaris. And she just seems like a real person, and someone who is genuinely warm and caring.

My brother has been directing Bonnie in an event he's been working on and they've been doing some rehearsals this week.

Last night while I was managing producing duties at ChUC (which was an amazing show, by the way), my brother sent me a text: "I'm hanging out with Bonnie Hunt."

I wrote back: "Tell her I love her."

Then I thought, "no! I should have said 'tell her I'm producing a stand-up showcase in Chicago -- and I love her!' I want to sound cool!" But it was too late.

Today he e-mailed me this picture of them, taken with her phone. Apparently when he told her how much I love her, she insisted that he take a picture for me.

"She's as warm and straight-up as you'd expect her to be," he said. "After kissing my left cheek (which I haven't washed yet) she headed toward her car and said 'say 'hi' to your sister!"


Nellie Ann said...


No, tell her IIII love her!

I was at the Cubs game like, five years ago, and she did the seventh inning stretch. When it was all over, I turned to my friend and said "Eh. Can we go now?"

Our apartment is going to be so filled with awesome sightings and near-friendings!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I swear, I would be Bonnie Hunt's script girl, dog walker, or coffee fetcher, just to hang around in a professional environment with her.

Nellie Ann said...

amen to that, sister. amen. to. that.

Nellie Ann said...

p.s. amy...sedaris....*sigh*

Dale said...

Bonnie's so great, I'll tell her about you when I hang out with her next ... I don't know her and won't be but I would if I could. Amy too!

Have you seen 'I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With'? I haven't yet but I hear Bonnie, Amy and Sarah Silverman are in it.

Jerry said...

I love Bonnie too. She is just naturally funny. I'm also from a large all-Irish Catholic family.

Where's she been lately?