March 7, 2008

Me in the Chicago Tribune and the Indianapolis Star Today

I am in today's Chicago Tribune, in a story about the stand-up scene. The writer talked to me and Dan about ChUC and also quoted my very first comedy soul sister, K-Rock.

I'm heading to Midway to grab a flight to Cleveland to visit Melissa, who's house-sitting there. Yes, Cleveland! It's all part of my brilliant plan to escape the harsh Chicago winter by making an almost imperceptible shift in the exact same latitude.

Also, I had a record three articles published in the Indianapolis Star this morning. If you're interested in the 26th annual Flower and Patio Show at the Indiana Fairgrounds, I am darned near an expert on the subject at this point. My parents are calling everyone within a 25 mile radius making sure everyone reads today's paper and marvels at my flair for proper punctuation and short, easy-to-digest paragraphs.

A quote from the Trib piece:

Stand and deliver

In a town full of improv and temptations to move elsewhere, the stand-up scene still has its stars


March 7, 2008

...Chicago Underground (Comedy) more of a showcase for the new "room-to-room" comics like Brady Novak, Brendan McGowan and Fay Canale. Though the room's a little bigger than the Lodge, the show still carries the same hangout vibe back when Sam ran it out of Gunther Murphy's. Comics do their sets, then knock back a few and talk shop in the bar.

Thank Dan Telfer and Elizabeth McQuern, the show's new producers, for keeping that vibe. The two have retained several local comics by sticking to a tried-and-true philosophy: Give them whatever they want, from extra time to letting them play music on stage. "We want them to feel spoiled," says Telfer, 29, of Evanston...

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