March 30, 2008

Saturday Morning Comedy Writing Salon/Workshop

The comedy writing group Bryan and I started is more and more fun every week. It's so productive, and yet it's so easy and fun. Everyone brings bits they'd like help with, whether it's stand-up, sketch, or short film ideas, and we just go around the room adding to and developing each other's material. And then we get to see people immediately hitting the stage with their newly refined material -- last night was Don't Spit the Water (I took 150 photos), where Bryan, Kristen, and Tammy performed their characters, and then the first Blewtennanny stand up showcase (hosted by Bryan), which featured group members Fuzzy and Ken. Plus, lots of group members pop into Schubas on Sunday nights, and I think we've convinced Tammy and Kristen to hit their first open mic week after next. It's pretty near my house so I've promised them I'll go, too, for emotional support. A few pix:

No one goes hungry.

We bring lots of notes but take none, because I record everyone's feedback and e-mail it to them for further exploration.

We are inspired by Schadenfreude's space, because they have the remnants of years of creativity all over the room, including lists of sketches from their Chicago Public Radio show.


Bryan Bowden said...

I do heart that writing group. Thanks for helping me start it.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I think some really cool stuff is going to evolve from the group. More than just the mixing of Corn Pops with Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Jerell said...

MMMM, Pops and GoLean Crunch!