April 14, 2008

The Wily and Elusive Urban Blogger

The weekend was busy. In between working, there was: A going-away party. Darts and tamales at Ricochet. Writing workshop. Editing and e-mailing audio files to workshop folks. Teresa and Nellie time. Gym time. A birthday party at Calo's. Stage two of that party at Joie de Vine. Blewtenanny at the Playground Theater. A girly clothing swap brunch at my house. A walk with Nellie to Brown Elephant where I nabbed some $8 jeans. Soccer with Nellie. The always dreaded sending of Nellie back to Rockford.

I may not blog much this week. Try to hold yourselves together somehow.

For now, I just posted a bit (and video) about Whirlyball on Chicago MetBlog. Woo.

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