May 20, 2008

Bryan's New Headshots

Last Saturday, before writing group, Bryan took me to Johnny Knight's studio off the Brown Line Addison stop so I could help out with the photo shoot for his new headshots. Johnny sent Bryan the proofs online today.

A few notes:

#1. Johnny Knight is an excellent photographer who does some really interesting stuff besides his top-notch headshots, and he's super nice to work with. Somehow his desk drawer contained my very favorite flavor of Cliff Bar, which he happily offered me when I was in desperate need of snack.

#2. I could never be an actor (or a comedian who's serious enough to need headshots) because I'm nervous just being in the same room with someone else who's on camera.

#3. Bryan looks very different with and without facial hair.

#4. Oh my god I have a totally hot boyfriend.* How did the girl who was too fat to get asked to prom in high school grow up to date someone this foxy?

*I apologize in advance to Bryan, because I know this will embarrass him.


Nellie Ann said...

Great Headshots, Bryan!

Also, I don't know to respond to the rest of that...

Keeeeeth said...

Those headshots do look fantastic.

And no, I'm not making a pass on your boyfriend...yet.

Erica said...

EEEE! You like Bryan! Bryan likes you! I am being totally girly here, but man, that just makes me happy!! I had to get that out there.

I (heart) Johnny Knight. The Blewt headshot roll is like a Johnny Knight portfolio.


Melissa said...

OMG, you guys are, like, my favorite foxy couple. For seriously.


Elizabeth McQuern said...

You're next, Nellie! Good thing you have pretty lellow hair now.

Keeeeth, I've got my eye on you. In more ways than one. :)

Erica, stop it, you're embarrassing me. But you're right about Johnny Knight, and his headshot of you is particularly magical.

Melissa, okay, now I'm officially embarrassed. I know you're being silly, but thanks.

Dan Telfer said...

Johnny Knight rules.

K-Rock said...

bryan is totally smokin hot. oh crap HI BRYAN. :-)

(he is though)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Yes, Dan, Johnny Knight does rule. Here's a picture of you as proof.

Oh, crap, HI K-ROCK! Thanks for reinforcing my opinion.:)

Ken said...

Johnny Knight is awesome.

Affordable and excellent.

He's pretty dreamy, too.

nora said...

Bryan is adorable.
Aren't you glad you didn't peak in high school?