May 29, 2008

Chicago Underground Comedy Highlights, May 28, 2008

Video, music, and editing by me.

Featuring Mort Burke, Dan Polydoris, Sean Flannery, Dan Telfer, Andrew Dewitt, and Prescott Tolk.

Mort Burke laments his striking resemblance to both Cate Blanchett and Anne Heche, Dan Polydoris is sports-o-phobic, Dan Telfer would like to educate you about the prehensile dolphin penis, the four-year-old that lives inside Andrew Dewitt is still really sad about not getting to meet Smokey the Bear, Mort Burke is a little on the skinny side, Sean Flannery points out the ridiculousness of politics, and Prescott Tolk is intimidated by the bulgy men on underwear boxes.

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