May 13, 2008

Law School, Mexican Restaurants, and More Chicago Comedy

MMmmmmbusy. Wrote "10 Reasons to Bike More in Chicago" for Metblog.

Also been busy defending Chicago's independent arts scene.

Bryan debuted at the Lodge and I filmed and edited his set for him. Then there was another Blewtenanny, hosted by Bryan and featuring several of my friends (I also filmed and edited):

I'm going to DePaul tonight to film a set by Carrie Callahan, for whom I am also helping develop a press packet and other promotional materials. Melissa is a partner on that project, which is the best of both worlds: creative work for someone I adore and whose talent I really believe in.

I just got my first assignment for a magazine that covers Hispanic restaurants and food, and I might begin writing for a publication by the law school of one of the big universities here.

I staggered to the gym today for a little healthy stress burnoff along with my iron-pumping boyfriend and then ran to the Mexican grocery store in my 'hood, where everything is considerably cheaper than at Jewel, crammed myself full of a spinach broccoli tofu apple salad with sweet potatoes, and now I want to nap. Instead, I'm back to work finishing something else. How are you?


Chancelucky said...

about this bike thing...and improving one's love life...there is an issue with males and bike seats causing problems with blood flow to certain areas. So, maybe there should be a disclaimer.

It sounds like you're happily busy. It's one fo the joys of your blog, it's been this window into how your building your life/career in Chicago.

Nellie Ann said...


Carrie said...

You are an angel. A comedy angel. Thank you for battling the wind last night.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

My pleasure, Carrie! I had quite an adventure on the way home. Well worth getting to see you guys do long sets. :)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

That is very true, Chance, and I almost mentioned that. For example, problems for men:,9171,1003538,00.html

"...uncomfortable numbness in his genital area from time to time, particularly after long rides."

and problems for women:

"Women who participated in prolonged, frequent bicycling had decreased genital sensation and were more likely to have a history of genital pain than women runners..."

but I assume that applies more to elite athletes who bike for hours and hours.