June 2, 2008

Good Morning, Tofu

Another day, another salad. Why would anyone crave tofu and broccoli before 8:00 in the morning? I have no idea, but this is, indeed, my breakfast. Maybe it's my recent re-dedication to an aggressively healthier lifestyle. Maybe I'm slowly turning into a bunny rabbit.

Last night I dreamt that Dina Lohan was my crazy neighbor and spray painted graffiti on my garage door before crashing her black Hummer through my front door.

What a great way to start the week! Now off to the gym.


Melissa said...

Aggressively healthy?
Sounds painful.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Only in terms of the roughage.

Melissa said...

Roughage? Wait...a...minute. And here I got blamed for the turd in your room.


nancy huggins said...

I bet someone else is leaving you turds..I don't think a sweet little kitty would do that..who else has been eating the grass? The Breakfast looks like something you might want to share with the kitties...if it is so healthy then it would only be fair to share it
Nancy (aka Nellies MOM)