June 5, 2008

Heavenly Bodies

Sunset on Mars, courtesy of Bryan, by way of NASA. This makes the science nerd in me marvel and swoon in wonder a bit. I'm the girl who named her band "Rocket Summer" and wrote nothing but science fiction themed rock songs, after all, and who was genuinely distraught when Voyager's funding was nearly cut.

White moon on a California beach, featuring Bryan, courtesy of Fuzzy. Ha ha. Bad joke. He's not mooning the camera, and actually, at this point, having soaked up a little Los Angeles sun, Bryan is more tan than I am, so I shouldn't talk.

1 comment:

Bryan Bowden said...

With nothing but my crotch in that pic I think that's more of a white buffalo shot then a moon. And with all the sun I absorbed I think my melanin output went up by 1% and we all know what 1% of zero is...