July 24, 2008

"Painful Punchlines" Reactions on the Bastion

A spirited discussion is bubbling on the Bastion about the Time Out Chicago piece about sexism and misogyny in the stand-up scene here. Honestly, I'm surprised. There are 14 comments up there now but I thought things might sort of explode.

My own comment, on the Bastion and on the TOC piece itself:

With all due respect to the writer, I can't agree with this bit from the article:

"It’s no secret that sexist and misogynistic jokes run rampant in the Chicago stand-up scene: Blow jobs and bitchy girlfriends seem to be topics of choice among male comics."

Granted, I have not been to every room and every show in the city, but by and large this scene's male comedians are great people and nice guys, and they're much more creative than that statement gives them credit for.

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