July 17, 2008

Snap Snap!

I pooled together some birthday money and other funds and am thrilled to have just purchased a Canon Powershot A590.

Prepare for WAY more photos and videos here, and lots more links to the Chicago Metblog, where I've been slacking terribly as a contributor (sorry, Fuzzy).

Special thanks to Sharon for her Amazon gift card!


Chancelucky said...

photos are good. I'm looking forward to whatever comes through the new camera.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks! I look forward to taking them!! I have not had a fully functional camera in a long time.

Carmi said...

I love that camera! May it turn out to be an inspirational lens on your world.

I generally don't get excited by "stuff". I make an exception for cameras, because they hold so much potential to expand our vision and share it far and wide.

Doubtless you'll be giving it a serious workout. Cool.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I knew you would understand, Carmi.

I also don't care much about stuff, except for the stuff that lets me channel creativity and ideas.


Mo said...

Woo hoo!

Can't wait to see high def pictures of cute kitties and yummy salads. I want to be able to determine the molecular content of your salad dressing just by glancing at the photo, but no pressure or anything.