September 29, 2008

Adam Burke at Chicago Underground Comedy Sept. 23, 2008

Adam Burke is one of our cast member at ChUC, and got started doing stand-up after writing an article about the scene for Chicago Social magazine. He's a natural talent, and, as you would expect from a professional writer, delightfully clever with wordplay and silly flights of imagination. Video, music and editing* by me.

*The quality of the clip here is lower than usual, for reasons I won't bore you with. The quality of the comedy, however? Top notch, as befits his Burkeness.


Slyde said...

thats awesome!

Elizabeth McQuern said...


Dan Telfer said...

The quality of this clip is lower than usual because my stupid ass told Phil not to turn on the light that points at comedians' faces.

I miss Evan. He always knew.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

No, silly Telfer, it's because this clip was made from an .mov file instead of the original file.

I emailed Adam his raw clip and then was only able to save a .mov of the entire show, rather than a higher-quality .dv file.

The lights are always weird up there. Still photography is almost not worth the effort.