September 5, 2008

I Just Shut Down The Bastion

After two years, 750 blog entries, 630 comments, and a quarter of a million page views, I am putting The Bastion to bed.

Thank you, silly little comedy website. You've helped me grow in ways I never imagined. I owe you so much.


K.Rock said...

awwww. :( sad times. :( weirdly enough, the first i know of this is thru your personal blog, just now! i haven't even checked THAT site yet. :)

thanks for everything you did for the goofy stand-up scene, thanks for taking care of Pat for us, and thanks for being a SUPER awesome comedy partner-in-crime. drinks to celebrate the demise, and SOON!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I know, K, I am feeling not a little sad myself. But I know we know it's the right time, y'know?

See you soon.