September 19, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Update

Besides "non-malicious" hacker issues, there were power problems involving a faulty transformer shortly after the initial test last week, which explains the lack of Twitter updates since then. I wonder why they didn't report it right away, though? The lack of explanation about the lack of updates was making me a little nervous.

According to Scientific American, it would take 3x10^-8 second (30 nanoseconds) for the LHC to defrost a frozen pizza.

Did you know that robots carried out the nearly 54 million precision welds needed to create the machine?

Also, riding bicycles is one favorite way of getting around the collider's 17 mile underground circle.


Dan Telfer said...

God, how I wish there was more science like this.

The world would be such a cooler place!

Dale said...

I thought the world was going to collapse into a black hole when they set it off. Imagine my disappointment!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I agree, Dan! I find this stuff amazing. It's sort of religious to me.

Dale - as Chancelucky said in an earlier post, how do we know that didn't happen? Maybe we're all inside a black hole right now and we don't even know it!

Duhn duhn DUUUHN!!!