September 24, 2008

Oscar the Bar Cat

I joined the Blewt crew at a bar by the Lakeshore Theater, after the first Impress These Apes night before last. It was good times with some of my favorite people until I saw an apparently stray cat wandering around outside the back door of the bar. He was sweet and affectionate and amusingly shaven (shaved close but for a poof on the end of his tail and a full, lion-like head and mane) but had no collar, and of course I grabbed Bryan for emotional support as I went into "this kittycat is lost and someone obviously loves him and I don't want him to get hurt and I know I can't take him home but I don't want to leave him here and I'm a big softhearted idiot waaaahhh" until the bartender informed me that his name is Oscar, and he's her cat, and she lets him wander around the enclosed area outside the back door of the bar all the time. Ahem. Anyway. Bryan took this blurry shot of Oscar on one of his forbidden forays into the bar.

Oscar, the bar cat at Brennan's on Broadway in Chicago

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