September 25, 2008

Photos from Andrew and Tammy's Going-Away Party

My cutie-pie boyfriend Bryan whips out those hot guns for some hot dinosaur tattoo action:
Bryan rolls up his sleeve so we can all see his dinosaur tattoo

Bryan puts on a dinosaur tattoo

Bryan's bad-ass dinosaur tattoo

Andrew wants us to whack his donkey:
Andrew says "who wants to take a whack?"

Poor little pinata!:
Poor little pinata donkey...

Adults scrambling for floor candy:
Growns ups scrambling for candy on the floor after the pinata dignified!


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

Look in the pool table pockets!

Chancelucky said...

Isn't he supposed to get a tatoo of a heart that says "Bella" on it?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Oh, don't worry, IR, I'm pretty sure we got all the candy that was there for the getting.

Chance - maybe for my next birthday! Could I be so lucky??

Nellie Ann said...

I'll get a tat that says "Bella". I like body art. And pain.