October 1, 2008

Chicago Underground Comedy, September 29, 2008

All pix by me. Full set here.

Founding ChUC castmember, the lovely and hilarious Allison Leber:
Allison Leber

The sharp and clever Mike Stanley (who is auditioning for "Live at Gotham" with this very clip!):
Mike Stanley

Impress These Apes contestant and funnyboy Peter Kremidas:
Peter Kremidas

The (unfortunately for him) extra-funny-when-he's-had-a-shitty-day Dan Telfer:
Dan Telfer

New castmember, Ohio refugee, the delightfully self-deprecating Nick Morgan:
Nick Morgan

The handsome, the hilarious, and not coincidentally my boyfriend, Bryan Bowden:
Bryan Bowden

Another new castmember, the passionate, heartfelt, somehow adorable madman Jeff Hansen:
Jeff Hansen

And the always excellent Prescott Tolk:
Prescott Tolk

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