October 2, 2008

"the ludicrous feeling when your dreams are in striking distance"

My fabulous friend Amy Lillard, a fellow writer, has just revamped her kick ass website Quiet Rebel Writer, and it now includes essays on famous authors as well as other "writers who matter" - profiles of everyday writers like me.

Check out this sweet little interview she did with me, wherein I ramble on incessantly (even with editing!) and sound at least 10% more pretentious than I'd like to!

Thanks, Amy. This was really flattering and makes me take myself a little more seriously. And YOU are awesome.


Carmi said...

I don't think you could be pretentious if you tried :)

I am nevertheless glad you shared this. Congrats! I'm looking forward to a lovely evening read!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Aw, thanks on both counts, Carmi. It's flattering that you keep tabs on my progress. :)