October 17, 2008

My Photos On Your Website!

That title sounds like a bad pitch. I'm a poorly written google ad! I'm illogically matched to keywords and totally irrelevent to you, as well as completely unappealing!

Sigh. It's been a long week of new challenges and successes. I'm really worn out and the weekend's going to be super busy but I wanted to mention this:

I'm thrilled to pieces that two of my comedian friends (Dan Telfer and Andrew DeWitt) have recently designed websites incorporating my photography in their logo header thing.


T-mac said...

whooo whooo! The boys of Rock N Roll! Are coming to steal your soul! And I guess it's just Telfer. I'm going to call him The Telf.

Dewidiot said...

that is definitely one of my favorite stand up pictures! Thanks for taking kick ass pictures of us!!

Dale said...

Very cool. I don't see why you don't just take over running the country too! :-)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I can see Indiana from the top of the Hancock building. That gives me international experience.