November 7, 2008

Equal Rights For All - Help Protest Prop 8 Saturday at 5:30 Downtown Chicago

Please join me and a big bunch of my friends 5:30 Saturday night at 1 West Wacker Drive to protest Proposition 8, which rewrote the constitution to remove equal legal rights for same-sex couples.
At the Chicago Renaissance Hotel (Wacker & State), the Museum of Broadcast Communications will be giving an award to a man who is working to defeat equal rights for all Americans.*

We're going to show up with signs and peacefully protest homophobia and legal discrimination against gays.

I'm going to bring my videocamera, interview fellow protesters, and make a snappy little video that shows, in plain human terms, why equal rights for LBGT's is such a no-brainer.

I don't feel okay about living under laws that ask me to look a gay person in the eye and say "Hey, here's the thing, my straight friends and I have decided that you're not good enough to have what we have. And your love doesn't really count like our love does. Sorry." Isn't that saying "you're not really people the way that we are" and "you are less than us?"
  • Biology and neuroscience unveil new details every day about the biological origins of sexual preference.
  • Homophobia bears every hallmark of phobias against other minorities.
  • We just elected a black President, a measure of how far we've come in our ability to accept each other as unique individuals.
  • Now let's finally end the discrimination against our LGBT brothers and sisters and allow the same civil rights to all American citizens.
*Focus on the Family's James Dobson, who put a $150 million annual budget behind the defeat of equal rights for all by passing California's Proposition 8. His views on homosexuality (that it's a "treatable" condition) are not supported by either the American Psychological Association or the American Psychiatric Association. The dude has a lot of resources at his disposal and will continue to throw a lot of weight behind efforts to rewrite our laws to deny equal employment rights, equal housing rights, equal access to public accommodations, and equal marriage rights denied to anyone who isn't heterosexual.

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