November 12, 2008

Frankenstein Part Two: Love For All

Sure, the Bride of Frankenstein was literally made for him, but what if her heart belonged to someone else? Like a sexy lady vampire? Lucky for her he's a pretty understanding, progressive guy. Lucky for Frank, his ex-wife still cares enough for him to introduce him to his new love, the Undead Bride.

This is for all the people who loved our first Frankenstein video, but felt sad for Frank, who was all alone and looking for love. I hurried up with unused footage and a smidgen of new stuff to facilitate the introduction of a new character so I could wrap up the tale with a second happy ending.

Starring Cameron Esposito, Bryan Bowden, Zee Hartmann, and Teresa Lemaire. Writing, video, editing, music and obnoxious voiceover by Elizabeth McQuern.


Mo said...

LOVE it!!!!

The shrunken shirt at the end is brilliant. I've had my own episodes of rage-filled fist waving in front of the dryer a few times myself.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks, Mo!!

As always, the little funny detail came from Bryan. I had him doing random mundane domestic things, and he found the little sweater in the dryer and did a little angry Frankenstein bit.