November 1, 2008

Palin Brutally Punk'd by Fake French President Sarkozy

From Boing Boing: Comedy duo "The Masked Avengers" are notorious for prank-calling heads of state and celebrities who take themselves a little too seriously. Sarah Palin was pranked today when they social-hacked their way past security and convinced her she was speaking to French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Holy crap, I'll bet that poor girl who screened the call is totally fired now. "Fake Sarkozy tells Palin that his wife is "hot in bed," drops plenty of hints it's a fake call, and suggests Palin would make a good president. She replies, "well, maybe in eight years!"

P.S. DailyKos has a transcript, including this:

FNS: I must say, Governor Palin, I love the documentary they made on your life, you know, Hustler’s "Nailin Palin."

SP: Oh, good, thank you. Yes.

FNS: That was really edgy.

SP: [Laughs] Well good.


Bubs said...

I love this. Who knew that Sarkozy wanted to go hunting by helicopter? What I especially loved was her polite reaction to his mention of "Who's Nailin' Paylin"

Dale said...

I read the transcript yesterday as it's obviously making news here, loved it. I wonder if I could use my improabably bad Russian accent and tell her I was Putin and keeping an eye on her house from Russia?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I think it's INSANE that she didn't catch on. She's such a people-pleasing yes man, it's terrifying.

Dale - I think you could put a babushka on, speak with a GERMAN accent and scare her into thinking you're Putin.

Grant Miller said...

That Carla Bruni...she's something else.

Damn Sarkozy.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

She is pretty foxy, no?