November 21, 2008

Today's Youth Have Too Much Self-Esteem? Other Links of Interest

Study: Today's youth think quite highly of themselves. "Many people who grew up in the '50s say, 'Nothing I did was ever good enough for my parents.' Now we're seeing the pendulum swing, and you hear from coaches and teachers who have been at it a while that kids have become more fragile. They don't take criticism well. Thinking you're God's gift to the world is nice for you. It's a little harder for everyone else."

Racial humor may never be the same -- we hope. "We're entering an era in which racial comedy will have to deal with creative thought rather than relying on the casual repeated use of the F word, the N word and the rest of the slackers' alphabet. In this changing frontier, how will we construct the new bases for racial humor?"

Al-Qaeda calls President-elect Obama a "house negro." Is it smart to insult the man who decides which caves to bomb? No.

The Economist has a hilarious article about George W. Bush's most defining physical feature - his nostrils. "More often, nothing exceptional was on the way to being said. But the nostrils ran ahead, twitching like a bull in a rodeo or a frisking wild horse, hinting at danger to come...Being bigger and better than most people’s, the presidential nostrils were also more acute. They could sniff out WMD in Iraq as snappily as hot dogs at a football game, though it took the UN many years to come up with nothing."

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