December 8, 2008

Announcing a la carte creative design from me and Melissa!

Just wanted to give one quick little heads up about Melissa's and my new creative venture:

As some of you may know, Melissa Tipton and I (who are friends as well as family) have been combining our creative skills and doing lots of design projects together. Well, today we'd like to formally announce our creative partnership under the umbrella of her business, known as EcoMonster.

We can design and create any kind of media - custom websites for businesses and individuals, business cards, flyers, posters, postcards, letterhead, folders, promotional cds and dvds, and more.

But while we offer a wide range of creative services, everything is a la carte. People come to us with various media needs - some just want a poster, or some photos, some want the works.

Want to see what we're talking about? Here's a website Melissa custom-designed and built from scratch for comedian Mike Lebovitz, another one she did for Carrie Callahan (both with copyediting help from me). And here's Melissa's latest big solo project, the web site for pet-sitting business Bow Wow Meow.

Just need photography? I have been contracted for head shots, cast photos, live performances, and more. My photos have been published most recently in Time Out Chicago, and grace professional websites and promotional materials of all kinds. Take a peek at my photo portfolio here.

Need some video clips put together for online distribution and/or as a promo dvd? We can do that, too. Check out some samples here.

The point is, we can do almost anything, we're full of cool ideas, and we do great work, so if you or anyone you know needs design help, keep us in mind!

Testimonials from happy clients:

"I want to express how pleased I am with all the work Melissa has done on the site. I really appreciate both her craft and attention to detail, and I think it really shows in the final product. Also, I couldn't be more satisfied with the head shots and promotional photos Elizabeth took of me. She has a unique gift for capturing images that are dynamic and alive and a comforting demeanor that puts her subject completely at ease. She allowed me to relax and really open myself up to the camera. What resulted were some fantastic pictures! Hire these two today while you can still afford their services!"

- Mike Lebovitz, writer, comedian, and producer

"The website Melissa constructed for me is magnificent. She is enormously talented, and I love my new site!"

- Carrie Callahan, writer and comedian

"Countless other comedians and actors would agree with this -- I always feel comfortable when I know Elizabeth is behind the camera. She has a keen eye for composition knows the particulars of all her subjects such that whether she's doing photography, video, or editing, she will show you at your very best."

- Dan Telfer, writer, comedian, playwright, producer

"Elizabeth McQuern is a consummate professional, whether it be producing videos, photography or work-shopping projects, she is 100% committed to the task at hand and offers a unique and varied skill set."

- Andrew DeWitt, writer, comedian, actor, and illustrator

"Elizabeth's attention to detail exhibits a genuine concern for her client and a relentless quest for a first-rate product."

- Prescott Tolk, writer, producer and comedian, Comedy Central, Blerds

"Elizabeth has been filming my performances for over a year now. She is uniquely supportive, in my experience. She knows how to make the cameras disappear, as it were, so everyone's comfortable. She has a wonderfully light touch. And her editing skills are top-notch -- she's fast, clever, and really gifted. I'd use her again any time."

- Robert Buscemi, comedian, actor and writer


Dale said...

Nice work youse guys! I want some nifty postcards but of what? I dunno. Something from my blog? Something cool. How's that for non specific?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

My darling Dale, you are exactly the kind of client we want - you have no idea what you want! Please call us immediately. :)

Dale said...

Perfect, a sproonkle of this, a sproonkle of that and we're in business!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Great! I'll let Melissa know. She'll get back to you...eventually.