December 3, 2008

Merry Christmas 1966! From My Mom's Giant Beehive

Check out my parents and my oldest siblings in their 1966 Christmas card. Check out that towering, poofy Mom Bouffant. My sister was so, so pretty at that age, and here she looks sort of intensely cheerful. And my brothers were just so adorable. Look at what a sweet little baby J. was. Mom says he was always a super content little toddler and would play quietly for hours with his little trains and airplanes. Maybe that's why he grew up to be a pilot like Dad?

It blows my mind that my mom was actually five years YOUNGER in this picture than I am now. And this was just the first wave of kids, the ones born in the 50's and early 60's. Man, oh man - reproduce much? Family Christmas Card 1966


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

How many siblings do you have?

That's a terrific 'do, by the way!

Erica said...


And holy moly, you look just like your sister.

I like the new blog colors. Very nice.

Dale said...

I want to be in a holiday card like that. Adorable. Did you do them with the next wave of family?

Elizabeth McQuern said...

IR - I'm the youngest of 5, which is not insane, but still a pretty big family. And we were spread out over 16 years.

Glad you like the new layout, Erica!

Dale - for reasons I totally understand, the family stopped doing Xmas cards before long. I don't think we did these formal sittings after awhile.