December 8, 2008

Today's Tweets - December 8, 2008

can't figure how how to change settings on Facebook so messages doesn't also come through my email (and therefore phone). WTF?
thinks her comedy acquaintances Eugene, Ben, and Drew should tour together: Mirman, Lerman, and Zerman. Heyyyoo!
uh...might have just gotten an offer for a project that's a little over her head...but she still kinda wants to go for it.
is already getting interested replies to her creative services announcement. Bring it! We're ready!
and Melissa are officially offering their combined web design, copywriting, photo and video services! Deets here -
Whoa, the Trib (and LA Times) declared bankruptcy, with $13 billion in debt -
@qrw I'm sure you're right. He's not a sexually harassing pest. He's a marketing and message genius!
thanks you for repeating that, sir. Truly, the reason I didn't respond the 1st time you yelled "YES, MAMA!" was because I had not heard you.
Nellie and Teresa may not know it yet but I just wrote our next Bucket of Nerds sketch and they are going to be my hilarious and cute stars.
just watched her Prop 8 video on video Gchat with her brother. Of course they both cried at the end. Of course.
is video Gchatting with her oldest brother in D.C. Fun!
S.A.D. - was there ever a more succinct acronym? Ah, therapeutic light box, with your weird ionized air. Do your magic.
is watching Lonely Island's new music video - - thanks to Bryan I know the joy of "J*** in My Pants."
starts off every day with a Neti pot, some coffee, and a gentle stretching of her front legs.

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