January 11, 2009

Ensalada Bella Rossa Part Dos

Bryan shared a link to this NYT article about "The 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating," and, since I was headed out the door to the grocery, I added some of them to my list, and to tonight's dinner salad.

Current favorite salad - spinach, broccoli, beets, sweet apples and/or pineapple chunks, and pumpkin seeds, with a dollop of good bleu cheese dressing, sufficient to bind all the chopped ingredients together. Full of vitamins and antioxidants - and really delish.

I'm obsessed with the idea of a perfect salad - that perfect blend of a powerful punch of mega-nutrition and truly enjoyable to eat - and my ideal evolves with time. I used to drop tuna or chicken chunks in, then for awhile I was tofu crazy, and now I leave the protein out of it, since I get that from my shakes instead. Yummm.

Also tried to find canned pumpkin (nowhere to be found, either at Jewel or Edgewater Produce), and grabbed a bag of frozen blueberries while I was at it. Also on the list was Swiss chard, which sounded too complicated (sautee? naw) and sardines, which Bryan (and my cats) love, and which I will never touch with a ten-foot pole. I know, a gripping and fascinating blog post, huh?


The Imaginary Reviewer said...

I love Swiss Chard. It's a great vegetable, full of flavour. Plus I have this thing with Future Mrs Imaginary Reviewer where I do a Japanese-style lifting of the finger to dimple area and say "Swiiiiiiss Chard!". (It can also be done with Bok Choi)

I guess you have to be there, really. No idea where it came from.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

What is the flavor like? I imagine it to be bland, like celery.

Unknown said...

swiss chard does not taste like celery it taste much richer. If you like spinich, you'll like swiss chard.

Also, make sure to thank Dr. Bowden (no relation) for the good food advice.

Unknown said...

Jicama's pretty good with beets too.
You can get it at your friendly neighborhood supermercado.

Unknown said...

Jump on the Swiss Chard bandwagon, Elizabeth.

It's easy to prepare: Sautee some onions and tomatoes in olive oil and throw the sliced up 'Chard on top.

Serve as is, or over whole grain brown rice.

Foodies, Unite!

Mini-corn dogs are also good ;)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

As you know, they are actually called Ken dogs, but point taken. I will give both Swiss chard and jicama a try.