February 10, 2009

My Write-Up of Big Jones Restaurant on Chicago Metblog

I just posted this review of Big Jones restaurant on Chicago Metblog. Long story short: YUM.


Joe said...

I have got to eat at this place. Excellent review!

So, you enjoyed the Sazerac? That is, without a doubt, my favorite cocktail in the world. I only recently learned that there is a version that's made with cognac (and it's actually an old and authentic version). Traditionally it's made with rye, and often with bourbon. I confess that I usually make the bourbon version, but for sure I always use Peychaud's bitters.

Good God I'm hungry now.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Yes, indeed, Bryan ordered a Sazerac, and while he teases me for taking the TEENIEST possible tastes of new things, honestly, four drops of that stuff overwhelmed my mouth with flavor and warmed me up. It was very nice.

Moderator said...

Nice. I've eaten there. Good stuff.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Indeed! I now know the joys of Green Goddess dressing with fries, among other things.