June 29, 2009

Sarah Haskins, David Cross at the Late Night Late Show Just For Laughs reunion show

Chicago comedy is still recovering a bit from the week of awesome that was the Just For Laughs festival. Big names came in, and lots of our local pals (including 4-5 of my show's cast) got some stage time at some fantastic showcases. After the two super fun Don't Spit the Water shows Saturday night (pics to come, see 'em on Flickr sans commentary if you want), a bunch of us rode up the street to iO, where they were having a special reunion show for the Late Night Late Show.

The Del Close theater was packed full of more people I've ever seen in there before, with extra rows of chairs in front of the stage and bar. Everyone was excited about the show's special guest, Bob Odenkirk - except he didn't show up, but David Cross was there instead! He was really cool and (of course) funny. He did a recurring bit where the host would ask him to tell the audience what his upcoming book was about (or whatever), and he'd go up and down the rows, briefly explaining it to every individual person. He did it several times and the audience was nerding out at the concept of David Cross interacting with them. When he got to me, he described Arrested Development by saying "It was a show, with people, and comedy..." then he moved on.

Another special guest, for whom the audience woo'd and cheered like mad, was Sarah Haskins, Chicago native and writer/star of the excellent, excellent "Target Women" videos on Current tv. So smart and funny, and so nice. I interviewed her for the Bastion awhile back, and said a quick hello to her right before the show started. After three comedy shows in one night, and knowing I'd need to spend all of the following Sunday writing, I started to wind down at 1:30 am and left the show before it was over, heading home on my bike. Bryan stuck around and ended up joining Sarah and a bunch of our mutual friends for a spontaneous party until the wee hours of the morning. Of course! I always miss all the fun. Anyway, some of my pics:

Sarah Haskins and Steve Waltien:
Sarah Haskins and Steve Waltien at iO's Late Night Late Show reunion at Just For Laughs fest, Chicago

Seth Weitberg and David Cross:
Seth Weitberg and David Cross at iO's Late Night Late Show reunion at Just For Laughs fest, Chicago

Seth Weitberg, David Cross, and Jordan Klepper:
Seth Weitberg, David Cross, and Jordan Klepper at iO's Late Night Late Show reunion at Just For Laughs fest, Chicago

And, just for fun, one of my favorite Target Women videos:

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