August 4, 2009

My magnum opus (so far): 2 minute commercial for Chicago Underground Comedy

Video, editing and music by moi, featuring all of our current cast, some alum, plus a couple of guests!

Chicago Underground Comedy is every Tuesday at 9:30 at the Beat Kitchen, produced by me and Dan Telfer.

Video featuring Beth Stelling, Nick Vatterott, Cameron Esposito, Allison Leber, Ken Barnard, Michael Stanley, Chad Briggs, Prescott Tolk, James Fritz, Dan Telfer, Lauren Ashley Bishop, Carrie Callahan, Mike Bridenstine, Renee Gauthier, Jeff Hansen, Adam Burke, Sean Flannery, Paul Thomas, Ricky Carmona, Dan Polydoris, Brendan McGowan, Steve O'Brien, Duane Freeman, and Mike Ferbrache.

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