November 12, 2009

Chicago Underground Comedy - Halloween 2009 Show Highlights!

Why yes, Chicago Underground Comedy's Halloween show was très formidable, and yes, I did just edit a zippy highlight reel, and skip to my lou, here it is! Six minutes of Chicago comedy brilliance.

Video, music, and editing by me! Featuring Adam Burke, Ricky Carmona, Beth Stelling, Cameron Esposito, Ken Barnard, Nick Vatterott, Dan Polydoris, C.J. Sullivan, Paul Thomas, and Chad Briggs.


Dale said...

You're editing the holidays right now aren't you? :-) Hope it's a good one!

Elizabeth McQuern said...

I am, actually. And I think you and I have taken a blogging hiatus at the same time! I'm connected to a bunch of our nebulous blogging family on Twitter and Facebook, if you're on there, too, hook it up! Merry Christmas, Dale. :) XO

Anonymous said...

You have nice photos. Leering at Elena Rubin.

Hope to see Canada and USA next year.