May 12, 2010

Cameron Esposito 4-27-10 at Chicago Underground Comedy

Cameron Esposito 4-27-10 at Chicago Underground Comedy!

This was two weeks ago, when Cameron hosted a show that began with very few audience members actually settled in to our cozy back room at the Beat Kitchen. (Sometimes our audience tends to linger in the front, sipping drinks, chatting with friends, and keeping an eye on whatever hockey or baseball game is drawing attention that night, before gradually drifting back into the show.) You can see Cameron greeting the stragglers as they file in, and generally do a great job engaging the crowd and amping up the energy level for what ended up being a powerful show.

Hosting is not everyone's favorite thing. You sort of sacrifice a regular set and take on the responsibility of punctuating the show, setting the tone, and preparing the stage for your fellow comics. Some people are better suited for it than others. Cameron is always a marvelous host.

Much to her credit, I once saw her hosting (at a non-ChUC show) where one particular performer was a major mood and energy killer. The audience was not digging them, sort of bristled, and quickly stopped paying attention to them altogether. The second that set ended, Cameron bounced back up on the stage, and got the energy to its previous high point within about three sentences. It made quite an impression.

My favorite part of the above set, which friends and I keep repeating to each other:

"Dad, have you met Claudia yet?"


(Here is Cameron's Chilarious blog, on the Tribune's ChicagoNow network, should you feel inclined to learn more about her.)

Chicago Underground Comedy is $5, every Tuesday at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont. Produced by Dan Telfer and Elizabeth McQuern. Video, music, and editing by Elizabeth McQuern.

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Unknown said...

it was nice to see something written about this particular show! i was lucky enough to be present and Cameron did a remarkable job hosting. what a great lineup as well.