February 28, 2011

My new short comedy film - Beth Stelling: Urban Bicycling While Female

Ah, the vagaries of urban bicycling while female! At least the horror stories are good for a laugh later. Beth Stelling and Chad Briggs are hilarious. Special thanks to Kristy Mangel, Andrea Wallace and Whack Publications (Michelle Peterson) for shooting yesterday. Video, music, and editing by me for Chicago Underground Comedy.

P.S. Come to our free Just For Laughs audition showcase tomorrow night at 9:30 at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont. Didja hear me, cheapskates? FREE!


Dale said...

Very funny. I'm going to try the sex thing. And the sock thing, I'm always so worried. Har har.

Dale said...

I meant the yelling SeeeeeeeX thing, not the sex thing itself. Never mind. I'm digging a bigger hole. And you know what I'll put in there. Yes, my dignity.