July 31, 2005

Sister Wendy Shares Her Love of Great Art, and I'm a Catholic Schoolgirl All Over Again

Sister Wendy Beckett is a nun and art enthusiast who has written several books and made several wonderful tv series about the history of art. She is one of those teachers whose love for their subject makes it appealing and interesting for almost anyone.

Sister Wendy has a particular way of speaking that I find very charming and curious. According to her biography she is a native of South Africa, and spent some time growing up in Scotland as well. At first I wondered if her accent was that peculiar English accent that almost seems to have a speech impediment involving the "r's" turning to "w's" (an impediment I worked very hard with a speech therapist to overcome when I was little!), but now I'm even more confused. Anyway, her delivery is really adorable, and her enchantment with her subject is very inviting.

Because I am emotionally nine years old, I still squirm every time Wendy describes a sexual undertone to a painting. It's inherant in the subject matter, of course, but the immature kid in me comes out when I hear Wendy say things like "this figure almost has a bit of 'rent boy' to his posture," and such. I went to a Catholic school and I had priests and nuns teach me a range of subjects. I think everyone who went to Catholic school will agree that nuns discussing sex, in whatever context, equals automatic heebie jeebies.

My psychological stuntedness aside, Sister Wendy's art DVD's are totally worth a rent. You would find her "glowious."

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