November 13, 2005

Huge Meteorite Found Underground in Kansas

In related news, Chloe is a supersleuthing teenage journalist, Lana runs the Talon while finishing up her senior year at Smallville High, Clark is a bumbling farmboy by day/emerging superhero by night, and Lex is an increasingly dark-natured boy billionaire who can't shake his troubled relationship with his dad. (Seriously, sometimes real-life headlines fit right into pop culture like plot points.)
A rare 1,400-pound meteorite was discovered seven feet underground by a collector in an area long known for producing prized space rocks.

The meteorite is classified as an oriented pallasite, a type noted for a conical shape with crystals embedded in iron-nickel alloy. Only two larger ones of that type are known to have been found: a 3,100-pounder in Australia and a 1,500-pounder in Argentina.

The Kansas rock was found in the same area that in 1949 produced a 1,000-pound meteorite now on display at the Celestial Museum in Greensburg.

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