December 8, 2005

Bella Considers Fermilab's Quarky Charms

Yet another thing that I keep talking about but not actually doing: visiting Fermilab, the the largest laboratory in the US for the study of particle physics. I was yammering about going to Fermilab before I even decided to move here (i.e. "way closer"), and I even have the perfect friend to go with: an actual physicist. Not one of my lame "creative" friends, who seem to have zero interest in science. (What's with that?)

This would rock:
Ask-a-Scientist program on selected Sunday afternoons - Questions about Fermilab? About physics? Take your science questions straight to the experts. Once a month Fermilab offers special behind-the-scenes tours of its facilities. From the magnet factory to the accelerator complex to the neutrino experiments, we show visitors the hidden treasures of our site on a special tour. Throughout the program physicists answer questions and explain everything from the Higgs boson and the Big Bang to how a particle accelerator works. Check our recent announcements for the next tour.

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Anonymous said...

Fermilab rocks.