April 2, 2006

My Doppelganger Shadows Me, and Snags Acting Roles

Last week at school, a girl said to me, "I know you from somewhere. I think we tried out for a play together last year, didn't we?"

I smiled and said "No, I don't think so. I'm not an actor, and I've never auditioned for anything."

She turned her head quizzically and said "Are you sure?"

I laughed. I must have a doppelganger in this city, because a couple of people have told me they know me from places I know I've never been.

I asked, "Can you tell me, is she at least a good actress?"

The girl said "Yes, she got the role we were up for."

Good to know. Maybe I can cast her as me in real-life roles I don't want to have to play myself. I could send her for the DMV for my new driver's license. I could send her to work on days when I'm feeling crabby and unambitious, and I can spend my time riding my bike by the water on the lake trail, stopping only for reading and popsicle breaks. I wonder if she'd work for scale.

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