October 19, 2006

Tattoo You? If You're Feelin' Self-Hatey

Only women who hate themselves get tattooes. "No superficial charm can conceal the darker truth: that tattooing is a close cousin of self-harming, and that distorted self-image, eating disorders and destructive urges are now being made manifest in the tattoo parlour." So says a writer at the Herald.

Sorry, lady, but you're talking out of your rear. (No, not "ear," "rear." I'm trying to be polite. Okay, fine. You're talking out of your ass.) I could agree with you if you simply said that tattooes are now so widespread and bourgeois that they now telegraph the opposite of what they may have fifteen years ago, but you're full of crap if you think that hard core self-mutilation and daisy 'n' angel tatts are born of the same impulse.

Of course, this chick goes on to utterly destroy her credibility by describing Donald Trump as a "wonderful creation."

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Ranger said...

"The European Commission has put on record a gruesome list of diseases from body art gone wrong: hepatitis, HIV, fungal infections, malignant lesions, tetanus, venereal ulcers and TB."

Funny - the last time I was in the hospital they made me sign several papers warning of the possibility of contracting diseases during my stay there, the list of which looked very much like this one. My tattoo shop played better music.

Can't Donald Trump's "hair" be an example of body dismorphic disorder?